Monday, February 16, 2015

Loving Yourself While in College

Sometimes it's hard to feel like a real person while in college.

You study, eat at strange times, try to sleep a minimum of 6 hours, drag yourself to the gym, and see your friends in drunken, hallucinogenic states at frat parties at night. Sometimes, when I sit down and make myself a cup of tea and read the newspaper, or a magazine, I feel little tendrils of guilt creeping in, like:

"You don't have time to relax! What is relaxing? You can read the news when you're dead!"

(which is obviously NOT true, btw)

In general, I think I have a better handle on this crazy lifestyle than my friends do. I'm always the one who goes to bed by midnight before exams, goes to the gym when I want to, takes yoga classes and goes to the farmer's market.

Yet, I still fall prey to believing that I'm stuck in a sort of limbo- one in which we don't need to take time for ourselves or our relationships, one in which our well-being and sense of self don't matter.

That's why, when there are opportunities to slow down, savor a morning, and spread self-love, I jump at them.

How I show self-love:

1. Read the New York Times everyday
2. Eat a really, really good breakfast! (like the one below- yum!)
3. Keep a lot of yummy fruit and tea on hand
4. Exercise at least 4 times a week
5. Listen to and make Spotify playlists

a fruit plate at brunch this weekend

What do you do to nurture yourself?

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