Sunday, February 8, 2015

A New Look: The Lob

I still have nightmares about a haircut that I received in 3rd grade.

I remember it clearly; I was living in Fort Myers, Florida and I badly needed a haircut. I was rocking a shaggy, sun-bleached and split-end 'do, and my mom told me that I needed to go to SuperCuts.

I think you all know where this is going.

When the stylist turned me around in my chair after I kindly asked her for a shoulder length trim, I gaped into the mirror. All of my hair was gone! I had a page-boy pixie cut that barely grazed my chin, with soft wisps of bangs that curled on my forehead. I was horrified.

I remember staring into the mirror and gasping for words, but nothing came out of my mouth. 

Numbly, I walked out the door and got into my mom's car.

"Your hair looks so cute!" she exclaimed.

Immediately, I burst into tears. "I hate it! That woman needs to go back to hair cutting college! She'll never work again!" I screamed, hysterical.

Looking back on it now, my hair was actually really cute, and I don't think the hairstylist at SuperCuts needed more hair education. Oh well.

However, this experience led me to fearing the dreaded "6 month trim" for the next 10 years. All through high school and into college, I would keep my scraggly, long, dark hair. 

That is, until this year.

Coming into my sophomore year, I knew I needed a change. I looked into the mirror and felt blah. I never wanted to change my makeup or my clothes, and I was bored with my appearance in general.

As I began to get more interested in fashion and art, I began to be interested in how one's appearance can change their whole personality and attitude. I began to slowly change my style of dress, change up my makeup, and finally, change my hair.

I ended up going for the famous lob that so many celebs have been sporting lately. And let me tell you, the effect was amazing.

By going a lot shorter and lighter, I felt free, lighthearted, and fun. I could shake my head around and put too much hairspray into it and it would look amazing. And I have received SO MANY compliments on it. If you're nervous about cutting your hair, don't be!

It was life changing.

Tips for styling: The Beauty Department

What I asked for at the salon:

Color: Bright, honey blond with lighter ombre pieces

Cut: Collarbone length lob with a lot of texture and movement


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