Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Host a Fancy Brunch

I love breakfast.

Honestly, if people want to get a good idea of who I am, just watch what I eat for breakfast. Usually, it's a bowl of creamy, steel cut oats with raisins and dried apricots stirred in, topped with fresh fruit, nuts, and a dab of coconut cream. I whip it all together and savor every bite, grinning like an idiot while I eat.

I also love getting inspired through these mornings. When I need some stress relief, you can bet that I'll be surfing recipes for breakfast foods and sweets, or reading articles on throwing fancy get-togethers. My passion for brunch and breakfast, as a sweet, quick way to gather friends and throw some sparkle into everyday life- led me to name this blog brunch and bijoux. 

Thus, when I feel as though I haven't seen my friends in awhile, and I am craving an escape from schoolwork and social situations, I plan a fancy brunch for me and my girlfriends, complete with delicious, homemade food.

Here's a quick guide to throwing a quick and easy get together that dazzles:

1. Set the table

A brunch or a dinner party would not be the same without some simply table decorations. My placemats are from Sur La Table, and the French hen towels are from Marshalls. The plates are from Pottery Barn. A few mismatched candles in different heights add some ambience to the table.

2. The food

The most important part. For brunch, I could afford to spend a little more time on the menu because I was feeding 5 women who appreciate presentation and healthy living.

I made:

Spiced Quinoa Granola with Apricots, Coconut Yogurt, and Clementine Jam Parfaits

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins

Tropical Fruit Plate

These recipes came together quickly. You can make the muffins the night before with any flours/sugars that you have, use any fruit you have, and make variations on the granola.

I used drinking glasses for the parfaits, and served this meal with copious amounts of coffee and orange juice!

I will post the recipes for this brunch in a later post!

3. The people

Last element- the people. I invited 4 of my best friends over for this brunch, and it was great to sit together on a Sunday morning and catch up on our weekends. This is a great excuse to put off writing that paper! 

Next time you need an excuse to bring together friends, eat good food, and add some sparkle to your morning, follow these tips to create a brunch worth remembering!

Let me know in the comments if you make any of these recipes, or if you decide to throw your own brunch!

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