Saturday, September 12, 2015

Snapshot: Cassis

Last Sunday, we went to Cassis. Cassis is a beautiful seaside port city that is famous for its jagged white mountains called Les Calanques. We took a boat ride out to see these famous mountains, and I was awestruck in front of them. They are so big and so blindingly white. The water was also the clearest water I have ever seen. We were in 100 feet of water and I could see straight to the bottom of the ocean. There were entire schools of blue Dory-from-Finding-Nemo fish. It was incredible.

The town was also very cute. We had an amazing lunch on the water and I had a Provencal specialty, l’aioli, basically garlic mayonnaise that you dip cod, potatoes, and vegetables into. Besides the fact that I smelled like garlic the whole day, it was incredible.

We changed into our bathing suits and sunned ourselves on the rocks for awhile, which was very relaxing and beautiful. It’s a hard life, relaxing on the French Riviera.

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