Sunday, June 14, 2015


I'm feeling remarkably better after getting 12 hours of sleep last night! I went to bed at 7:30 and slept until 7. Bliss.

I got up and went for a run around Dublin, traveling from the South Inner City (where we are) to the North side of the River Liffey. The River Liffey separates the city from top to bottom; the South side is very posh and upper-crust, while the North side is known to be more working-class. However, I found a lot of fun shops and beautiful streets on both sides of the river. We live on Leeson Street, which is on the bottom of St. Stephens Green, underneath Trinity College. The Green is so pretty, although the park (like EVERYWHERE in Dublin, especially on a Sunday) does not open until 9 am (grocery stores and shops are 10 or 11 am!)

We got some really good breakfast, where I got the best porridge (oatmeal) of my life, and Ethan got the first Full Irish breakfast of the trip, including blood pudding, which he liked!

Ethan and Reed at breakfast!

A fun box of condiments for my porridge!

Then, we traveled to the Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) in the West for a tour. Puzzling through the bus system was comical, but we eventually got it right. The jail held some of Ireland's most celebrated and famed revolutionaries, who were imprisoned and executed by the British before the Independence of Ireland in 1922, and afterwards the Northern Ireland supporters by the new Republic.

The original jail doors

Original graffiti from prisoners in 1910s, "Beware the Risen People".
Finally, we went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art, which was absolutely beautiful.

Irish Museum of Modern Art

 Tonight we might go to a pub or out to dinner!

JP and Ethan enjoying their first Guinness beers in a pub!

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