Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Irish Bread and Butter

On Monday, we went on a scavenger hunt through Dublin.

Bill and Suzanne, our program directors, designed a photo-scavenger hunt that took us all over Dublin. We saw St. Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Church, Four Courts, the Custom House, and a variety of landmarks. Catherine and I saw this fancy tailor, Louis Copeland, who got a kick out of our rushed American enthusiasm.

The next night, we traveled to Dalkey Castle, south of Dublin, on the coast, to celebrate Bloomsday. Everyone in Dublin and Ireland is obsessed with James Joyce, who wrote Ulysses and Dubliners. They will bluntly say that those two novels are the greatest novels in modern history. Bloomsday is a celebration of the day that Joyce wrote about in Ulysses, in which he traveled all over Dublin in one day, which took 7 years to write and is very, very thick. Dalkey was beautiful and the play was interesting! Dalkey Castle is from the 11th century and was beautiful too. 

Here's some pictures of everyone, when I force them to get together and smile!

The food is consistently ridiculously amazing. We went to a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant where I got a fruit and ginger scone with orange blossom butter and fresh jam. It was amazing. I'm already planning how to take home a few loaves of brown bread in my suitcase. Dublin butter is also everything you have heard and more.

I also met the people working at my organization! They seem really nice, and it's a fun mix of Lithuanian, Romanian, Armenian and Ghanan people. I'm excited to start working on Monday!

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