Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July in Ireland

We had a great fourth of July weekend.

It started off with a fantastic, fantastic brunch at the Shelbourne hotel on Saturday. The Shelbourne is one of the most historic (and fanciest) hotels in Ireland. During the Easter Rising in 1916, when the Irish were fighting for a Republic, British soldiers stood on top of the hotel and shot at the Irish revolutionaries in St. Stephen's Green. Then, the Irish Constitution was signed in the hotel, of which a copy still resides. It's also been host to John F. Kennedy and Jackie O when JFK gave his famous speech in Ireland, as well as Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco. It is a beautiful place.

We wanted to go to the Jazz Brunch, which started at 12 and was in the fanciest dining room. We were absolutely starving, and after walking around the hotel and stealing fancy cookies and water, we finally sat down in giant, comfy chairs underneath a chandelier. 

We got fresh juices from their homemade juice bar (!!!!) and I ordered vegetarian Eggs Benedict for the first time. It was me, JP, Reed, and Ethan. 

The jazz band was amazing, complete with a Harry Connick Jr. mimic in a purple suit, along with a bassist and a piano player. We listened in awe as they played "Valerie", "Sway With Me" and "Fly Me to the Moon". 

Our food arrived and it was the best meal I've had to date. In my life.

The boys were making fun of me because I actually started crying once or twice during our meal. It may be because I was exhausted and... recovering, but I was just so happy and I felt so lucky to be in that moment. The boys are so fun and sweet, and I love the group that we are with. I feel like I can be my absolute best self around all of them. 

This program is changing me. I don't care how cliché or silly or naive that sounds, because it is true. I have already gained so much confidence that I didn't have before, either from forced social situations, being in a foreign country and having to figure things out by myself, or even from operating within an 8 person group (not an easy thing!) I find myself so much calmer, happier, kinder, wiser. I am excited to see how my personality and mind changes in these next few months.

After brunch, we went to Phoenix Park for a picnic. We brought food, a blanket, and music. I did cartwheels and walked around and smiled at every single person and object that came near me. It was an amazing day.

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