Monday, March 16, 2015

Saint-Tropez Style

I just got back from a week long spring break vacation in southern Florida.

Why did I come back?

It was filled with sun, sea, sand, and tons of relaxation. Some may be surprised that I didn't opt for a crazy, booze-filled spring break like a normal college student, but I am not a normal college student.


I like books, art, movies, ideas, flowers, beautiful things, nature, stories, history, and people.

At times, I feel like I don't fit into the crazy, college culture. It's hard to harmonize these two parts of my life, but I do a pretty good job, most of the time.

However, as I come back to campus and prepare myself for a whirlwind spring, I find myself clutching onto any remnants of the relaxation and sun that I soaked up over break.

One way to keep sunny skies in your everyday life is through your wardrobe. This week, I'm taking inspiration from Saint-Tropez, France. Saint-Tropez is a small Provencal town on the southern coast of France, nestled along the French Riviera. 

Do I even need to explain why I want to bring Saint-Tropez into my daily life?

This spring, channel sunny, beautiful Saint-Tropez.

The formula is simple. Start with one striped top, add skinny pants, simple flats, and some chic sunnies.

1. striped crop top 2. nude flats 3. skinny jeans 4. sunglasses

Then, close your eyes and pretend you are sipping Pinot Grigio on the shores of La Mer Méditerranée. 


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